About Us

441 Records Corporation is a new & innovative, independent record label that features top quality recordings of quality jazz, blues, R&B and electronica music. Our artists are real musicians playing real music.

441 Records is located within Avatar Studios in Midtown West neighborhood of New York City. Over 400 Gold and Platinum albums have been recorded in the building that houses Avatar Studios, which was formerly known as The Power Station.

For years, Avatar's management had been astonished by the fact that dozens of great recordings made at Avatar Studios by world-renowned jazz artists were never made available for sale in the U.S., but seemed to do well in foreign markets. That said, 441 Records' initial mission is to market much of the jazz music that was recorded, or mixed, at Avatar for here in the U.S.

By creating a label that is headquartered in a recording studio environment, our goal is to take the enormous care that goes into recording and extend it over to the process of packaging, marketing, and distribution. The organization follows the classic model of a "boutique label," working very closely with artists from project conception to distribution of the final product.

441 Records staff members are all seasoned, industry veterans who welcome the task of creating a business that is scaled appropriately and run professionally with realistic expectations.

441 Records is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality in all aspects of the music business.

They include:

We hope listeners enjoy the music from 441 Records that was packaged with care.


Where can I find your albums?
The best way to find our albums is to go to Amazon.com.

Where can I send my demo CDs?
We do not accept unsolicited materials.

How can I license your tracks and/or distribute your titles?
Please contact Harvey Rosen at (212) 765-7500 if you are interested in licensing or distribution.