Joe Chambers

Joe Chambers was born on June 25, 1942 in Virginia. He studied music at the Philadelphia Conservatory of Music and American University (Washington D.C.). In the fall of 1963, he moved to New York. A good jazz drummer, he is also an accomplished marimba and vibraphone player. New York was in the midst of a new jazz movement when he arrived. Young musicians were trying to push the envelope of the jazz form. Chambers, along with Tony Williams, became a couple of the top representative jazz drummers of the time. The Jazz form that evolved during this period demanded creative freedom, extreme flexibility in multiple styles, and a high degree of musicality. There were only a few drummers who could have met these challenges, and Joe Chambers is one of them.

Since the '60s, Joe Chambers has been considered one of the top jazz drummers of this generation. He has always been in the forefront of his profession and is an anchoring presence in the jazz world. This album not only presents his masterful playing abilities, but also highlights his total musicianship as a leader and composer / arranger. His past works as a leader include Almoravid (1973) cut for Muse and Mirrors (1998) on Blue Note Records.Joe Chambers can be contacted through his management, Abbey Hoffer, at (212) 935-6350, or by fax at (212) 758-4987

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