About Do Swing
Do Swing is a project that started out as the brainchild of two producers, Toshiya Kamada and Atsushi "Sushi" Kosugi. The concept is to take songs originally written by a well-known Japanese pop group, called Kiroro, and create new jazz arrangements of their songs to be performed by notable Western artists and musicians. It is a unique a truly international effort to create newmusic with Kiroro melodies as ingredients. The styles of music that you hear include Bossa Nova, Fusion and Big Band.

About Kiroro
The pop group Kiroro consists of Chiharu Tamashiro and Ayano Kinjyo. They started performing together in 1995 in Okinawa. After gaining popularity as independent artists, they had their major label debut with Victor Entertainment. Their first single, "Long Time," came out in January 1988. This song is the first track of Do Swing. SInce 1998, Kiroro has released four albums. They remain popular in Japan continuing to tour and write songs. The name Kiroro is derived from two Ainu (Japan's indigenous people) words that the two heard during their visit o Hokkaido, a large northern island in Japan. The first is "kiroru," meaning a wide road that has been hardened by many people walking on it. The second is "kiroro-an," defined as strong, large and full of life. The title Kiroron is, therefore, a play on the group's name in the familiar. With the exception of the second track, all the songs were written by Chiharu Tamashiro, who is the principal writer of the group.

About The Arranger

Most of the music arrangements for Do Swing were done by Don Sebesky, best known for his work with Creed Taylor's Verve, A&M, and CTI Records. In the past, Sebesky arranged songs for artists such as Wes Montgomery, Paul Desmond, and George Benson, many of which became hits.

About The Performers
The list of performers is a Who's Who of jazz musicians. They include David Sanborn (alto sax), Cesar Camargo Mariano (piano), Romero Lubambo (gutar), Phil Woods (sax), Bob Mintzer (sax), Russell Malone (guitar), Ron Carter (bass), Ben Street (bass), Sergio Brando (bass), Roland Hannah (piano), Mark Egan (bass), Philip Hamilton (vocals), Pamela Driggs (vocals), East 4th Horns (John Wheeler, Tony Kadleck & John Scarpulla -- horn section), Philippe Saisse (keyboards), Lisa Fischer (vocals), Zav Katz (bass), Benny Diggs (vocals), Paulette McWilliams (vocals), Leon Pendarvis (piano), Marlon Saunders (vocals), Jeff Mironov (guitar), Gloria Agostini (harp), Bashiri Johnson (percussion), Norma Latuchie (flute), Aaron Heick (tenor sax), Ben Perowsky (drums), Dennis Mackrel (drums) Paulo Braga (drums), Shawn Pelton (drums), and William Galison (harmonica).

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