Phillipe Saisse Acoustique Trio

The piano trio format traditionally makes good use of sophisticated new equipment to create a stylish and trendy sound. It seems as though this is holds a special position even for a contemporary keyboardist. From the early '80s he has been active on the front lines of the contemporary jazz scene as a keyboardist/pianist/composer/arranger/ producer. Although not "An American In Paris", this New Yorker born in France, Philippe Saisse, is not an exception. Because a majority of his work has very strong musicians' musician type of tendencies, this aspect may not have had many opportunities to stand in the spotlight. A creator of this caliber, that has dug this deep and in such a wide perspective of the music scene in New York from so many different angles, is very hard to find.

On one hand he supports big stars, such as The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Chaka Khan, just to name a few. Then on the other hand playing along with premiere jazz players Al Di Meola David Sanborn and Al Jarreau. He has built trust with this kind of a rich musicality and solid technique, which he used to help bring the level of the Japanese music scene to new heights.

This is a combination of two previous albums (Contemporary Moods and Classic Moods) marking Saisse's first ventures at making a highly motivated album as an acoustic pianist. "Piano trio was always challeng that I wanted to tackle. However that requires maturity as an artist, in a way, it was a kind of sanctuary. Now that I'm this age and have a better understanding of myself, I feel that the time has finally come to allow me to do this" is what Saisse says. The person that gave him the courage to head on this new venture was acoustic jazz bass player, David Finck. While Finck has established himself in the field of mainstream jazz, he still shows a passion for Brazilian music and contemporary music, a man who has versatile sensibility, he can use a wood base to make a tight sound to make you think you were listening to an electric bass. Added to the mix is a young drummer that Saisse has absolute faith in, Scooter Warner, whose funky groove can change at will, to excite his fresh sensibility. With nothing to mar the artistic level, this intoxicating masterwork that has Saisse's pop feeling infused into it, it could be said that this will open up new possibilities in this traditional format known as jazz piano.