Interview with Will Boulware

Will Boulware talks to 441 about Over Crystal Green

How did Over Crystal Green come about?
"While playing the Blue Note Tokyo with Maceo Parker in 2000, I contacted "88" who I knew from a 1976 record date. Engineer David Baker put me in contact with him. That session in '76 I was hired to write, arrange & play 2nd keyboards for a record which included the members of the group Stuff plus Mike Brecker & Ralph Mcdonald. When Richard Tee couldn't make the session I ended up playing piano & to my surprise, when the record came out in Japan, my name was on the front of it. "88" said he'd like me to do another record.

Any memorable aspects?
"Meeting & working with Bob Berg who played with a whole lot of feeling & who tragically was killed in an auto wreck 11 months after the session."

Give us your thoughts on the U.S. market as it pertains to your new album.
"My thought on selling music in general is that if you can move anyone with a feeling that comes through music, and it feels good, then someone will want it."

Was this title available in other counties?
"This record came out in May 2002 in Japan."

How was your experience recording at Avatar Studios?
"Great recording studio & professional personnel."

Is there anything new on the market that has been influencing you these days?
"The last newer records I've enjoyed were the 30 second samples I heard from Mike Brecker's upcoming release Wide Angles, Herbie Hancock's Gershwin's World, Mcoy Tyner's Bacharach record, & Randy Brecker's last release 34th & Lex."

Who are your biggest influences?
"Jimmy Smith, Art Tatum, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder & European music of Scriabin, Bach, & Chopin."

Is there a song that you have yet to record that you have always wanted to recreate or that may hold special meaning for you?
"The last couple of years my favorite song has been Panonica by Monk & hope to record it on next record."

How did you get started in the music business?
"I started playing drums professionally when I was 10 playing at parties, then on organ & electric keyboards when I was 12. My father booked my first lounge gig when I was 12 with my band "Wee Willy & The Winks." My parents were very supportive & let me leave high school at 15 to travel with the band I was then working with,provided I get my diploma another way (correspondence course.) When I was 8 or 9 I felt positive that I would be in music the rest of my life. I don't know how, but I remember I was taking a bath when I knew it."

What future recording projects would be the most interesting and exciting for you to work on?
"Coincidentally guitarist Rodney Jones' new live record will be released the same day as this one.Kenwood Denard on drums, Lonnie Plaxico on bass, I play hammond on that record. For my next recording project I hope to record a majority of my compositions which I am working on.

Other Fun Facts

Birth Place: Bardstown, Kentucky

Education: At 19 studied 2 years with great Romanian pianist Yansi Korosi