Live In Tokyo

ARTIST: Marlena Shaw
Marlena Shaw (vocal)
Rickey Woodard (tenor saxophone)
Clarence McDonald (piano)
Jeff Chambers (bass)
Ron Otis (drums)

Live at B Flat, in Tokyo, Japan

Vocalist Marlena Shaw is a true original with sensational charm and versatile style. Her performance takes away the border that separates jazz, rock, pop and R&B - with competent expressiveness. She also has a natural ability to connect with her audience. It can be said that her amazing talent is best expressed when singing live. If you have ever experienced her performance, it is no wonder that her schedule has been booked throughout the years.

This album was record live at B Flat, in Tokyo, where the tickets sold out immediately.

Marlena Shaw and her trio - Clarence McDonald (piano), Jeff Chambers (bass) and Ron Otis (drums) with special guest Rickey Woodard on saxophone fascinated the audience with their various repertoire; from jazz standards to pop numbers including her hits "Don't Ask to Stay Until Tomorrow (Theme from 'Looking for Mr. Goodbar')," "Feel Like Makin' Love" and "Loving You Was Like a Party." Her talent for improvisation and song rendering is never spared during the whole

This album has not only captured her art of live performance, it is a great selection of her hit numbers which will surely open your heart.


  1. Ooh Wee - Baby You're the One for Me
    This song was also on Marlena's album Dangerous. The light rhythmic piano sets the tone. Marlena's presence is undeniable.
  2. Don't Ask to Stay Until Tomorrow
    This song was also on Marlena's album Acting Up. The simple introductory phase is very memorable. This is definitely adult music.
  3. Feel Like Makin' Love
    This song, made famous by Roberta Flack, was also on Marlena's album Who Is This Bitch, Anyway? The rhythm at the beginning gets you swaying to the tune naturally. You can hear the crowd voicing their approval of the performance.
  4. What a Difference a Day Made
    Maria Grever of Mexico wrote this song in 1934. The English lyrics are by Stanley Adams. Dinah Washington made this romantic love song famous. Marlena adds her flavor to it with her somewhat husky voice.
  5. Rose Marie (Mon Cherie)
    This song was also on Marlena's album Who Is This Bitch, Anyway? Listening to this, you cannot help but wanting to dance with your loved one.
  6. Until I Met You
    Freddie Green, guitarist from the Count Basie Orchestra wrote this song. The romantic lyrics are by Donald Wolf. Marlena Shaw sang with the Count Basie Orchestra for four years. She gives a nod to Count Basie at the end by singing a phrase from Basie's hit "April in Paris."
  7. 'Round Midnight
    This song was also on Marlena's album Elemental Soul. This is a jazz standard composed by Thelonious Monk. Marlena spices it up by adding musical phrases from other songs at the beginning.
  8. My Foolish Heart
    This song was composed by Victor Young with lyrics by Ned Washington in 1949. It is well loved by many artists including Bill Evans.
  9. Loving You Was Like a Party
    This song was also on Marlena's album Who Is This Bitch, Anyway? Bernard Eigner, also known for "Everything Must Change," wrote the music & lyrics.

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