All Love

ARTIST: Grady Tate
Grady Tate (vocal, drums)
Kenny Barron (acoustic piano)
Ira Coleman (bass)
Jimmy Cobb (drums)
Frank Wess (flute, tenor saxophone)
John Di Martino (fender-rhodes)
Richard Wyands (acoustic piano)

Recorded at Avatar Studio, New York on January 13, 14 and March 12, 2002
Produced by Yasohachi "88" Itoh
Recorded by David Baker
Mixed by Yoshihiro Suzuki

His full and rich voice colors the summer wind with expectation of love.

For over 40 years, Grady Tate has been one of the world's most versatile, frequently recorded musicians. He is often referred to as a distinctive drummer, but in fact he is also one of the best vocalists in the world. For this album, Grady made excellent choices when picking the songs. The selections vary from ‘50s musical hit numbers to Grady's own compositions, but the common theme is "love." This is the very message Tate, who celebrated his 70th birthday while making this album, wanted to remind people of all generations.

The members accompanying Grady are: Kenny Barron, Ira Coleman, and Jimmy Cobb. Grady's voice swings gently and sometimes longingly together with the finest piano trio. Frank Wess and John De Martino also collaborate for several songs and illustrate the music dramatically. For five songs including "Estate" and "Follow the Path,” Grady himself is playing drums. Another pleasure in listening to this album are the two piano duos: "What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life" and "Sophisticated Lady." Kenny Barron plays on "What are You Doing..." and Richard Wyands plays on "Sophisticated Lady." These beautiful love songs are very cogent; there is no doubt that Grady's experiences, both musically and personally, contribute to the interpretation. You will enjoy a fine work of art, and perhaps feel the love while listening to this album.


  1. Follow the Path
    Jazz pianist and singer, Bobby Scott (1937 - 1990) wrote this song with lyrics by Morton Goode. Scott wrote this among many different kinds of songs he penned. His most popular tunes include "Taste of Honey" and "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" made famous by The Hollies in 1969. This track is also a beautiful song by Scott. Frank Wess' flute solo shines in this soft, sexy, Bossa Nova version.
  2. My One and Only Love
    In 1953, Guy Wood composed this song with lyrics by Robert Mellin. Frank Sinatra liked the song enough to record it. It became a hit the same year. The lyrics are very romantic and the melody is equally beautiful. A version by Johnny Hartman, who
    performed it with John Coltrane, is also widely known. Grady sings this love ballad without making it too sweet.
  3. A Weaver of Dreams
    Victor Young is known for his film music. He wrote this song in 1951 with lyrics by Jack Elliott. Nat King Cole recorded it earlier, but it remained little known. Although seldom performed, it is humorous and fun. Grady and Barron give a groovy performance at medium tempo.
  4. What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?
    Michel Legrand composed this song with lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman. Michael Dees sang it for the 1969 film Happy Ending, starring Jean Simmons. As a result, the song was nominated for an Academy Award that year. In 1970, Jaye P. Morgan made it a hit. In this album, Grady and Kenny Barron performs the piece as a duet.Wyands.
  5. Dream Love
    This track is Grady's original composition. He delivers this love song in a relaxed
    fashion. Look for Wess' and Barron's solos.
  6. Don't Misunderstand
    This is a track from the 1972 hit film Shaft's Big Score starring Richard Roundtree. The music and lyrics were written by the film's director, Gordon Parks. Grady's tasteful singing, Wess' tenor sax, and Barron's piano solo draw the listener in. Cobb delicately supports with drums.
  7. In a Sentimental Mood
    Duke Ellington composed this standard in 1935 with his manager, Irving Mills, Manny Kurtz wrote the lyrics. This song was made famous by Ellington's band the same year and again, later by Benny Goodman. In a difficult tempo, Grady expresses love's dreamy feeling, elaborately, with help from bassist Ira Coleman.
  8. Estate (Summer)
    Composed by Bruno Martino and lyrics by Bruno Brighetti, this song was written in Canzone, Italy. Helen Merrill recorded it in Italian when she visited Rome in 1962. Joel Siegel later wrote the English lyrics to the song. Grady sings the tune softly in Bossa Nova fashion with Wess adding a light flute solo.
  9. Sophisticated Lady
    Duke Ellington composed this classic song in 1932. In 1933, Mitchell Parish and Irving Mills added lyrics about a non-chalant woman crying over her lost love. Ellington was somewhat dissatisfied with these lyrics as he had a refined female teacher from a Washington D.C. school in mind as the subject when he wrote the song. Grady gives a rather dramatic rendition of this duet with pianist Wyands.

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