Room With A View

ARTIST: East 4th HornS
John Wheeler : Trombone & Bass Trombone
Tony Kadleck : Trumpet & Flugel Horn
John Scarpulla : Soprano, Tenor, Baritone Sax, Flute & Rap

Produced by Atsushi "SUSHI" Kosugi (Beat On Beat, Inc. NY)

Acoustic Piano, Keyboards & Synthesizer Programming : Henry Hey
Acoustic & Electric Guitar : Pete McCann
Acoustic & Electric Bass : Tim Lafebvre
Drums : Zach Danziger

Vocal : Thomas F. Bowes III

Recorded at Carriage House Studios, Bass Hit Recording & SUSHI's Bathroom
Engineered by Phil Magnotti, Phil Pagano & SUSHI
Mixed by Roy Hendrickson at Avatar Studios
Mastered by Scott Hull at Classic Sound

This title has only been available in Japan until now. Sit back and enjoy this fabulous collection of
originals along with select covers, and feel the power of East 4th HornS.


  1. Cocoa Baby
    This is a song made by Scarpulla and Kadleck jointly with th image of the beautiful women they met in Rio with cocoa colored skin. A heavy, funky groove and the contrast paints out this romantic theme. The horn ensemble has so much force that it makes you tingle because it is so cool.
  2. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
    This was one of the hit songs by the Supremes, back when Diana Ross was a part of the group. Former Tower of Power vocalist, Tom Bowes joins in to breathe new live into this sepia colored number. Although, restrained the horn arrangement hits all the right spots, which can only be done by such a proficient session man.
  3. 9999
    A phantasic and mysterious piece made by Scarpulla and Wheeler on 9-9-1999. The drive and horn section with an acoustic kind of feel make an exquisite blend. In the development part where they play a variety of sound colors makes you rediscover the richness of the brass instruments.
  4. Room With A View
    Tony Kadleck the trumpetman is in charge of composing and arranging this song. Scarpulla, primarily plays this beautiful slow ballad, romantically, on the vocal quality soprano sax. You should check out the solo by young and aggressive guitarist, Pete McCann.
  5. Through The Fire
    This is a song that was originally recorded on Chaka Khan's 1984 album "I Feel For You." Tom Bowes is back on this one with a danceable and funky tune added to this is the powerful brass ensemble that East 4th does best. Kadleck's trumpet solo is tasteful.
  6. You've Got A Friend
    This is Carole King's masterpiece, a classic that was also popularized by James Taylor. Following the lyrical thematic performance of the trumpet and sax, the exchange during the improvisation oozing with passion, boosting the atmosphere, this is where you feel the pride as a jazz man.

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