Kiroron 1 - Kiroro Melodies

ARTIST: Kiroro
David Sanborn (alto sax), Cesar Camargo Mariano (piano), Romero Lubambo (gutar), Phil Woods (sax), Bob Mintzer (sax), Russell Malone (guitar), Ron Carter (bass), Ben Street (bass), Sergio Brando (bass), Roland Hannah (piano), Mark Egan (bass), Philip Hamilton (vocals), Pamela Driggs (vocals), East 4th Horns (John Wheeler, Tony Kadleck & John Scarpulla -- horn section), Philippe Saisse (keyboards), Lisa Fischer (vocals), Zav Katz (bass), Benny Diggs (vocals), Paulette McWilliams (vocals), Leon Pendarvis (piano), Marlon Saunders (vocals), Jeff Mironov (guitar), Gloria Agostini (harp), Bashiri Johnson (percussion), Norma Latuchie (flute), Aaron Heick (tenor sax), Ben Perowsky (drums), Dennis Mackrel (drums) Paulo Braga (drums), Shawn Pelton (drums), and William Galison (harmonica)

Recorded at Avatar Studios
Produced by do swing Toshiya Kamada Atsushi "SUSHI" Kosugi (Beat on Beat, Inc.)
Supervisor: Takatomo Nozawa (Victor)
Recorded & Mixed by Roy Hendrickson
w/ Yamaha 02R console, except "Winds of Spring" Recorded & Mixed at Sear Sound (w/Neve 8038 Custom console)
Additional Recordings in Japan by Yoshikazu Nakabayashi (Office Intenzio)
Mastered by Scott Hull at Classic Sound
Assistant Engineers: Scott Young (Avatar Studios), Gregg Gasperino (Avatar Studios), Shigeru Tanida (Victor Studio), Dave Fisher (Sear Sound)

Kiroro is a Popular group in Japan. This album is a collection of their music taken on by the producing team (do swing) who are Toshiya Kamada and Atsushi "SUSHI" Kosugi. Not only is the music beautiful in melody, do swing really out did themselves with the musicians they recruited for this project. Outstanding talent like David Sanborn (alto sax), Phil Woods (alto sax), Ron Carter (bass), Romero Lubambo (guitar), Pamela Driggs (vocals) Kiroro and East 4th HornS, are just a handful of the stars featured on this musically riveting collection.


  1. Long Time
    This is the same debut song by Kiroro. Jazz great Don Sebesky's orchestra backs up the solo party played by none other than David Sanborn. The perfect choice to start off the album with strings by Don's flowing conducting and music score mixing with Sanborn's wailing sax makes this a very impressive collection. Even more, you can feel the high level of quality on this album while elevating your expectations.
  2. Blue Magic
    A piece arranged by a giant in the Brazilian music world, Cesar Mariano. Of course the piano solo is this one is Cesar himself. Romero Lubambo plays the guitar.
  3. Save Your Money
    This is a big band arrangement by Don. The chase of Phil Woods and Bob Mintzer on the hot sax! Russell Malone's guitar solo! Ron Carter on base and Roland Hannah on piano! Just hearing the names of all the musicians participating on this one would be envied by anyone. Don, of course, handles the conducting and music score.
  4. Miacles
    Don took care of the arranging of the orchestra part. Mark Egan's bass solo and Philip Hamilton's voice pulls the back ground to create a wnique world.
  5. A Foto de nos tres (3 on a photo)
    A song that overflows with Brazilian taste arranged by Cesar in the same way as M-2. The easy rhythm and the beautiful voice of Pamela, guitarist Romero's wife, combine to make a plesant harmony.
  6. Ran Ran Ran
    This is a number featuring a horn unit, by the name of East 4th HornS that are active in New York's studio scene. This originality in music leaves a kind of acoustic and folky kind of scent, yet the trombone, trumpet and sax lets us hear an exquisite ensemble of sound.
  7. Winds of Spring
    A jazz vocal number arranged by popular keyboardist Philippe Saisse. With a simple yet gorgeous sound in the background, Lisa Fisher's vocals create a jazzy place. Saisse of course plays the piano and vibraphone.
  8. Someone Who I Love
    This is a number featuring William galison's harmonica, with an orchestra arranged by Don backing him up. Wiliiam's harmonica sounds like singing, and has an originality in music to really emplasize the sadness in the song.
  9. Winter Song of Summer Time
    Another big band tune arranged, musically scored and conducted by Don as he did in M-3. While extracting each player' originality to the limit, one by one, he makes an ensemble that allows us to listen to feel what can only be felt because it is big band. This is definitely a collaboration between a great arrangeer and great players, which may be why this became a reality.
  10. Ray of Morning Light
    An A Cappella chorus number that is colored differently than the rest if the album. It reaffirms the greatness of the human "voice."
  11. Save Your Money (New York Version)
  12. Winter Song of Summer Time (Drum 'n' Bass Hit Version)
    These two songs cold be called bonus tracks. The big band tune arranged by Don was remixed. The remixer is a man who fomerly worked by C&C Music Factory, Dave Darlington. This adds a new charm to the album.

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