Café Paris

ARTIST: Various

With Café Paris, MLounge offers a complete chillout experience ranging from jazzy cool to moody trip-hop. Behind this heady concoction of smooth grooves is Paris producer Patrick Levy of SIGLE Productions who, along with partners Chris Lauduique and Roby Vellasquez, is responsible for nearly all of the music on Café Paris. Patrick Levy started his career in music playing bass and guitar in French punk rock and new wave bands in the early 80s. Inspired by the likes of Depeche Mode and Human League, Patrick soon bought a synthesizer and drum box and began composing and producing his own original material. Patrick eventually worked his way into the burgeoning French house music scene and began producing records under various names for SIGLE and Penso Positivo in France and Tidalwave in England. Under the moniker A.N.D. (“Ain’t No DJ”), he has released two house singles on Megahit Records’ house imprint MTrax. Though Patrick has produced chillout/lounge albums for French indie Wagram, Café Paris marks his US debut in the genre. Highlights include the Brazilian-flavored “Tentar Pensar,” the haunting Dido-esque “Because Of You” by French chanteuse Laury Mary, Arnoa’s jazzy horn-driven “Little Sea,” and the Moby-influenced “Natural 4U” by electronic jazz trio Roughcut


1. Arnoa - Little Sea
2. Arnoa - Tentar Pensar
3. Magic Dragon - Think Big
4. Tulip - You Are My Fantasy
5. Laury Mary - Because Of You
6. Roughcut - Natural 4U
7. Arnoa vs. Laury Mary - To The Angels
8. Magic Dragon - Old Scat Man
9. Arnoa - Pow Low
10. Magic Dragon - Sumo’s Diet