ARTIST: Andrew Hill

Vanguard Studios, New York City May 19 and 20, and July 31, 1975

Following in the footsteps of the release of PASSING SHIPS and DANCE OF DEATH on Blue Note, our release by Andrew Hill of HOMMAGE is one of the few solo piano effort that he recorded. Captured by the master engineer, David Baker, at the Vanguard Studio in New York City on May 19 & 20 and July 31, 1975, six of the seven tracks are Hill's original compositions. Hill is known for his haunting & cerebral melodies that are rhythmically as well as harmonically complex. Because this recording was his first solo album in his then 20-year career, he was very deliberate in preparing for this session, from his playing right down to the selection of the piano. At his strong insistence, the track "Naked Spirit" was recorded in complete darkness to allow him to let his fingers be guided solely by his spirit. This is a unique and rare recording that illustrates why Andrew Hill deserves a place in jazz history.

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