The Three

ARTIST: The Three
Joe Sample - piano
Ray Brown - bass
Shelly Manne - drums

November 26, 1975 at Warner Bros. Studios, CA

Test of Time Records is proud to bring you a special album that captured the artistry of three great musicians - Joe Sample (piano), Ray Brown (bass) and Shelly Manne (drums). Their collective improvisation was recorded using a direct cutting technique, straight to vinyl, on November 1975 at Warner Brothers Studio in Los Angeles. During the six-hour session, six tracks were recorded with three takes each. The six tracks that were originally released on vinyl plus alternate takes, totaling twelve tracks, are included on this CD. The first track, “Yearnin’,” is dedicated to Oliver Nelson, who also composed the song. Nelson was involved with the planning of this album, but sadly passed away one month before the session took place. The album also includes “Green Dolphin Street,” “Satin Doll,” “Manha Do Carnaval” (from Black Orpheus) and “Funky Blues,” an original song by The Three. The concentration and artistry of the players and the tension of the live performance has been well preserved, and is brought back to you for your enjoyment.

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