Ojects Appear Closer

ARTIST: The Great Jazz Trio
Hank Jones - piano
Ron Carter - bass
Tony Williams - drums

Kindness Joy Love Happiness was recorded October 3 and 4, 1977 at Warner Bros. Recording Studios, Burbank, CA.
Direct From L.A. was recorded October 6, 1977 at Warner Bros. Recording Studios, Burbank, CA.
Milestones was recorded April 5, 1978 at Sound Ideas Studios, New York, NY.
The Great Tokyo Meeting was recorded July 31, 1978 at Onkio Haus, Tokyo, Japan.

The four albums included in this box set were originally recorded and released by East Wind between 1977 and 1978, all with the original members of Hank Jones, Ron Carter and Tony Williams.
Kindness, Joy, Love, Happiness was the first studio album exclusively featuring The Great Jazz Trio. The title comes from a local FM radio station, KJLH at 102.3 MHz on the radio dial, then a jazz/crossover outlet. In addition to well known jazz compositions, the album features
compositions by each of its members – “Ah, Oui” by Hank Jones, “Doom” by Ron Carter and “Old Folks” by Tony Williams.

The recordings produced for Direct from L.A. were a continuation of the KJLH sessions. It was recorded just a couple days later on October 6th, 1977 at the same studio and has a similar feel as the earlier album.

The third album, Milestones, keeps with the tradition of featuring compositions by each of its members. The album includes “Eighty-One” by Ron Carter, “Hormone” by Hank Jones and “Mr. Biko” by Tony Williams. “Eighty-One” is from the album E.S.P. by Miles Davis and his quintet, which included Ron Carter and Tony Williams. “Hormone” and “Mr. Biko” both are original compositions.

The fourth album, The Great Tokyo Meeting, was recorded following a hugely successful live jazz event that took place a few days earlier on July 29th called “Live Under the Sky” at the Tokyo Den-en Coliseum. Again, tracks featured here are mostly original compositions by each of its members. “Pink Lady” by Tony Williams is a tribute to a Japanese female pop duo of the same name that was extremely popular that year. “G.J.T.” written by Ron Carter is a tribute to the trio.

In between the recording of Milestones and The Great Tokyo Meeting, The Great Jazz Trio recorded New Wine in Old Bottles with Jackie McLean on April 6th and 7th, 1978 (TOT-13).

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